We’re a Danish non-profit group dedicated to teaching you, our fellow citizens, about your privacy rights and how to protect them - because you deserve to know.

We care about the protection of human rights in digital forms like free speech, right to assembly, net neutrality, open data, free software, and freedom of information. But our primary focus is on individuals right to privacy and freedom from corporate or governmental surveillance.

The group was founded by citizens in Copenhagen who are worried about the increased collection of personal information online and the erosion of their digital rights. Our purpose is not to be a think-tank of experts writing white papers or developing technologies, but rather an organization with a focus on practical initiatives and education.

If you are a Danish group, why am I reading this in English?

We want to reach and educate as many people as possible, including those who don’t read or speak Danish. Many of our members are also expats and keeping everything in one language makes it easier.

Can I become a member? And how?

Yes, anyone can join. It doesn’t cost anything and there is no commitment. You can be as active or passive as you want. You don’t have to be an expert in any relevant subject either. But do inform us if you have any special skills or occupation that could be of value to the group.

You should join us if you want to hear more, check out the network of groups and organizations and come say hi at an upcoming event.

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